Electronic Music India

A summer school on Indian music and electronic music production

We are offering 2 free weekends for girls to learn about music technology and Indian music through performance and composition.

Age: 10-15 years
Prior experience:
introductory level
Skipton Girls’ High School

Indian vocal music with music technology weekend
July 7th & 8th 10am – 3pm Register here
Music technology with Indian vocal music weekend
July 28th & 29th 10am – 3pm Register here

On the first weekend, working with arts leader Supriya Nagarajan students will learn about Indian music, and the idea of working mindfully with their own voice. Students will listen to Indian vocal music performances, then explore their own voices and how they might use Indian music techniques for their own original composition and performance. As part of this weekend the students will be introduce to audio recording technology, audio editing and composition software. This weekend provides students with the opportunity to explore Indian music with music technology as a grounding for the second weekend.

Over the second weekend, working with arts leader Jess Aslan, participants will practice recording vocal ideas, and develop an understanding of how they can use computer music software to edit produce and compose original music based on Indian vocal music traditions. Students will build a foundation level understanding of music production that can be transferred to other music projects, while creating, performing and evaluate their work in a supportive learning environment.

Music production in Ableton Live software – April Go Compose

Learning outcomes across the two weekends

Music Technology

  • Use music technology to record sounds and Indian vocal techniques
  • Understand how to edit audio using computer music software
  • Know about digital performance instruments through practical project work

Indian music and the voice

  • Understand the “raga system” and how it works in Indian music
  • Understand Indian music notes and rhythm and melody through the voice, and ways of developing this through music technology
  • Understand how time cycles and rhythm works in Indian music

Compose, perform and collaborate

  • Have a cultural insight into a different musical genre
  • Have worked collaboratively to create a performance with music technology
  • Have developed an understanding of how to use the voice in a mindful way

The team

Arts leader Jess Aslan is a musician who works with synths, computers and all the bits in between. She has been running community music projects since 2005, with particular focus on working with adults with additional needs. Her research integrates performance using instruments combined with computers and music tech education for all. She has is specialist in music technology curriculum design, with a focus on practices that encourage students to learn through collaboration. You can find out more about Jess here http://www.xica.co.uk/

Arts leader Supriya Nagarajan is one of the most sort-out Carnatic vocalists in the UK and she has performed around the world in India, Thailand, Cambodia and cities across Europe and the UK. She founded UK based arts organization Manasamitra as a way of fulfilling her passion for music, and for presenting traditional and contemporary Indian art to give UK audiences an ambience of India, its tradition and culture.

Supriya is passionate in empowering young and emerging artists to realise their dreams. Through her organization Manasamitra she supports over 40 artists locally and nationally and is an active mentor in the local community to artists and school children alike seeking out ways to create career pathways and opportunities for individuals to overcome socio-economic barriers and achieve their goals. Supriya’s projects include ‘Festival of Conversations’, ‘Life of a Bee’, ‘lullaby’ and ‘Shivoham’ – connecting science, Indian music performance, technology, community and culture. For more information please visit Supriya’s website http://www.manasamitra.com/.

Project curator Dr Liz Dobson has been teaching music and music technology since 1998 and her recent work is mainly concerned with providing opportunities for more girls to access and experience music technology. She has delivered workshops for learners of all ages, mentored workshop leaders, and developed a range of new initiatives to support girls and women in music technology. For more information please visit her website drlizdobson.com.


This project is being delivered in partnership with Sound and Music, Girls Rock Club SELFA, The Yorkshire Sound Women Network, The University of Huddersfield, and Skipton Girls High School

Arts Award Accreditation
Participants will work towards the Bronze Arts Award certificate which is is the first step towards the gold Arts Award which is attached to UCAS tariff points. In particular, participants will be learning about the arts leaders as examples of professional practitioners in their respective fields, composing and performing their own music, and listening to performances delivered as part of the project. They will be helped to document this and provided with exercises to complete in their own time. For more information about Arts Award click here