About this project

Usually music technology initiatives only attract the guys, so in support of a broader STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) Sound and Music, The University of Huddersfield and The Yorkshire Sound Women Network have secured funding from Youth Music to offer a cluster of four workshops starting with this weekend in Huddersfield

Statistics show that <5% of ‘behind the glass’ sound engineers and 10% of undergraduate music technology students are actually women. But music technology is a wide range of disciplines including computer coding, electronics and audio engineering accessible through music making, composition and sonic arts: a spectrum of practices, skills and disciplines that bring science, creativity and expressive arts together perfectly in a way that is completely absorbing and culturally impactful. Across the globe organisations are creating opportunities and pathways that address this. These include The Yorkshire Sound Women Network and The Women’s Audio Mission. Here is a longer list!

The Arts Award

This project will lead you to achieve your bronze Arts Award. This is important because the gold award comes with UCAS tariff points.

You can find out more about the bronze award here.


This project is part of education research and all participants will be asked but in now way obliged to participate in that. It will not determine who can benefit from this project.

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